Mechanical Unit Support-HD

To obtain pricing for the mechanical support, please fill out the following template with the required information listed below:

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1. Width and Length desired
2. Height off roof
3. Weight of unit being supported


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6-HD Mechanical Support
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8-HD Mechanical Support
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8-HD Mechanical Support Bar Grating
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MIRO Mechanical Unit Supports are supports to elevate rooftop mechanical units such as air conditioning or other devices. The Mechanical Unit Supports are designed so that the mechanical units rest in heavy-duty corner or side supports which are connected to bases designed with MIRO technology to protect the roof membrane. The Mechanical Unit Supports are adjustable in that the strut can be selected to the appropriate height and there is provided an additional threaded rod which allows fine adjustment to level the roof-top units. All metal pieces are made out of hot-dip galvanized steel for outdoor weathering protection. The MIRO Mechanical Unit Support consists of (1) a MIRO designed base with gently curved edges to protect the roof membrane and to distribute the weight over the maximum roof surface, (2) hot-dip galvanized steel strut and all-thread height adjustable column.

Base Material: Polycarbonate, Stainless or Galvanized
Size: Custom design required
Max Pipe Size:
Max Pipe Clearance:
Max Load Weight: Maximum load weight is equivalent to and is part of the maximum roof top bearing load which MIRO has designed for its bases. MIRO recommends such loading not exceed two pounds per square inch.
Spacing: The Mechanical Unit Support should be spaced at intervals so as to allow proper installation of the mechanical units or devices.