Mechanical Unit Support-HD-Rails

To obtain pricing for the mechanical support, please fill out the following template with the required information listed below and email back to

Visit the Quote Template page to download HD Mechanical Support Quote Template (PDF)

1. Width and Length desired
2. Height off roof
3. Weight of unit being supported


Download Mechanical Support Spec

6-HD Mechanical Support – Rails
  1. Spec & Drawing Sheets (PDF)
8-HD Mechanical Support – Rails
  1. Spec & Drawing Sheets (PDF)


Miro HD-Mechanical Supports are designed to elevate rooftop mechanical units, cabinets and other devices. The HD-Mechanical Support has (2) 1-5/8″ 12 ga. strut rails for mounting the equipment to. The supports are adjustable in height per the project requirements. All metal parts are hot-dip galvanized for outdoor weathering protection. The support bases are injection molded polycarbonate, and the support comes in two different sizes – 6HD (with 9×15″ bases) and 8HD (with 16×18″ bases), each with different weight capacities. Stainless steel and galvanized bases are also available.

 Base Material: Polycarbonate, Stainless or Galvanized
 Size: Custom design required
 Max Load Weight:  Up to 1000 lbs on the 8HD and 850 lbs on the 6HD if evenly distributed to each leg of the support.
 Spacing: The Mechanical Unit Support should be spaced at intervals so as to allow proper installation of the mechanical units or devices.