Roller 3

3″ sturdy polycarbonate roller


  1. Spec & Drawing Sheets (PDF)
  2. Spec & Data Sheets (PDF)


The Model Roller 3 is a heavy duty support roller made of polycarbonate resin. The dimensions of the roller are 3″ in length, the diameter of the roller ends is 1-7/8″, the diameter of the roller at the center of the bearing surface is 1-1/4″, the diameter of the shaft opening is 5/8″, and the bearing surface of the roller has 3″ radius arch.

Base Material: 3-Polycarbonate Size: 3″ in length, the roller ends have a 1-7/8″ diameter, has a 3″ radius arch on the bearing surface, has a 5/8″ shaft
opening, requires a clearance of at least15/16″ from the center of the shaft opening, has a diameter of 1-1/4″ at the center of the bearing surface, and loads on the bearing surface will be 5/16″ above the supporting shaft. Max Pipe Size: Max Pipe Clearance: Max Load Weight: Spacing: