1.5 Spacer

Attached to 1.5 to give increased height


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The Model 1.5 Spacer is 6″ square and the base is gently rounded to prevent
gouging the roof. The outer edges are raised 1-1/2″ and increased elevations may be achieved by stacking Model 1.5 on 1or 2 spacers, each with a height of 1-1/2″. Four drainage ports are provided to prevent ponding within the device. The dimensional area resting on the roof is 5-7/8 inches square and 34.52 square inches exist of contact roof support.

Base Material: Polycarbonate
Size: The deck base is 6″ square, the top of the spacer is 1.5″ high.
Max Pipe Size:
Max Pipe Clearance: Pipes supported by the Model 1.5 have a clearance of 2.33″. Each 1.5 spacer increases the clearance of the pipe by anadditional 1.5″.
Max Load Weight: Maximum load weight may not exceed 49 lbs. for the 1.5 pipestand.
Spacing: Manufacturer’s recommended spacing is not to exceed 10 feet centers depending upon the load. Make certain each pipestand is properly elevated to even load weight at all pipestands.