Model DP-18-SS

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A rigid plate which supports other mechanical devices, pedestals or pipe supports by providing a flat smooth surface upon which supporting devices may rest to protect roof-top membranes and to further distribute roof top weight to protect submembrane insulation and decking material. The design of the deck plate allows rooftop pipe supports, pedestals and other supporting devices to be installed without penetrating the roof membrane and further allows the daily movement of a piping system to properly carry the load being borne by the supporting devices as thermal expansion and contraction moves the roof system of pipes or devices supported by the deck plate. The deck plate is made of 16, 18 or 20 gauge stainless or hot-dip galvanized steel plate which prevents rusting, enhances the longevity of the roof, and provides maximum operational efficiency for other rooftop pipestands, pedestals and support devices.

Base Material: DP-18-SS Size: 18″ x 18″ Max Pipe Size: Max Pipe Clearance: Max Load Weight: Maximum load weight not to exceed 400 pounds, nor should the load weight be confined to unusually small areas of the deck plate. Spacing: