5-RAH Pipe Guide

Aluminum pipe strap for moldel 5-RAH-7 and 5-RAH-12


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  2. Drawing (DWG)
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MIRO Industries pipe guides are designed to attach to MIRO Industries pipe supports so as to allow pipe
to come out of or be displaced from the pipestand. All pipe guides will ship separately and need to be installed on site. It is important to note that pipe straps should not be rigidly attached to the actual pipe that is placed in the pipestand, thus allowing for expansion and contraction to occur within the pipestand. Strap material is a .125 aluminum 5052 allow temper H32
ASTM B-209-0.

Pipe Guide Material: Guide material is a 10 gauge/0.1019 aluminum 5052 alloy temper H32  ASTM B-209-01
Custom Size: 1″ – 4″ Nominal Pipe
Max Pipe Size: Accomidates up to a 5″ std. pipe