Strut Ceiling Grids

Strut Ceiling Grids & Support Structures

    Metal Strut Solutions Ceiling Grid Systems offer unparalleled structural support and flexibility for your ceiling space.

    Data Centre' and Mission Critical facilities house some of the most sensitive technology on the planet. Above the finished ceiling in each computer room is countless miles of cable tray, HVAC, data and power cable that requires structural support which maintains all of the core equipment within the space. Our Metal Strut Solutions Ceiling Grid Systems are engineered to provide a structural, acoustical, mechanical, and electrical support solution.

    Metal Strut Solutions provides the engineered design along with our experienced Union installation crews to install these complex and critical support structures.

    Typical Ceiling Support Applications:

    • Data Centre Ceiling Grids
    • Mission Critical Ceiling Grids
    • Architectural Ceiling Grids (provides structural capability)
    • Healthcare Lab Ceiling Grids
    • Structural Ceiling Grids

    Metal Strut Solution System Benefits:

    • Modular (installation is faster than traditional grids & pre-fabricated prior to arrival on-site)
    • Utilizing an MSS Ceiling Grid reduces the amount of additional support steel by other trades
    • Various finishes available including Hot Dipped Galvanized and custom paint finishes.