Rooftop Walkway Systems

Engineered Rooftop Walkways

Our Engineered Rooftop Walkways provide its users with the safest way to access and perform their duties while on the roof. All of our systems are engineered to meet all applicable safety and building code regulations to give you, and your colleagues, the safest way to perform.

Metal Strut Solutions Rooftop Walkways provide:

  • Non-penetrating design on both Standing Seam and Flat Roofs. MSS Inc., can provide a penetrating system where state/provincial codes require.
  • Guard-Rail and swing gate options for maximum employee protection.
  • Custom powder coat finish for the safety railing.
  • Optional snow melt system to keep the walkway free of snow and ice.
  • Our systems are adaptable to include crossovers, stairs, ladders, and horizontal lifeline systems.

Our systems are engineered and stamped by P.Eng partners throughout Canada and the United States.