Service Platform

To obtain pricing for a custom Service Walkway Access platform, please fill out the following template with the required information listed below:

Visit the Quote Template page to download Service Platform Quote Template (PDF)

1. Width and length desired
2. Height off roof
3. Specify if railing is needed
4. Specify type of roof
* Products are designed to meet OSHA 1910 Subpart D for walking/working sufaces


  1. Drawing Spec (PDF)
  2. Drawings (DWG)


The MIRO Walkway & Service Platform is designed to provide access over piping, duct, equipment, or high or lower areas of a roof surface.

Base Material: Polycarbonate, Galvanized or Stainless
Size: MIRO Walkway and Service Platform Systems are custom designed in-house to meet project needs and maintain code compliance. Bases and material are selected to meet both project and design constraints as specified.
Max Pipe Size:
Max Pipe Clearance:
Max Load Weight: All access or service systems are designed to meet loading criteria per ASCE7-10 and OSHA regulations.
Spacing: Manufacturer’s recommended spacing should not exceed drawing specifications. Make certain each support platform and step is adjusted to even the load with all other supports.