Model 3-R-2

For 3″ ID and smaller pipes. 2.15″ clearance height.


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A “roller-bearing” pipe support used to support roof-mounted gas pipes, electrical conduit, solar piping and other mechanical piping. Unique design absorbs thermal expansion and contraction of pipes thus preventing damage to the roof membrane. Pipes rest on a polycarbonate resin roller and a rod situated in a polycarbonate resin seat.
Each pipestand will accommodate up to 3-3/4″ outside diameter pipes.

Base Material: Polycarbonate
Size: The Pillow Block Pipestand Model 3-R-2 is made in one standard size. The deck base is 7.75″ square, the top of the roller device is 2.15″ high, the top of the cradle is 4″ high, and the maximum width of the interior of the cradle is 3.875″
Max Pipe Size: 3″ inside diameter and 3.75″ outside diameter.
Max Pipe Clearance: Rod and pipes supported one pipestand high will have a clearance of 2.15″. Each 3-R spacer increases the clearance of the pipe by 2″.
Max Load Weight: Maximum load weight may not exceed 79 lbs. per pipestand.
Spacing: Recommended spacing is not to exceed 7 feet centers depending upon the load. Make certain each pipestand is properly elevated to even load weight at all pipestands.
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